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Managing Director Chuck Meara On Why He Chose Kivvit

Managing Director Chuck Meara On Why He Chose Kivvit

In 2014, I’d been finishing a decades long political career in the New York City Council and the Port Authority, working with some incredibly talented policy makers. I wasn’t quite ready to leave the working world, and I wanted to make sure the next step was the right one.

My nephew, Tom Meara, had been working at Kivvit and spoke highly of the team. He has tremendous admiration for Kivvit’s work, and as I spoke with him about the company, I got excited about helping clients who were interesting, exciting and important leaders in their respective industries. Added to that is a team of young, talented, enthusiastic people. After becoming familiar with the team, I knew Kivvit was the next move for me. 

With Kivvit, I’ve been able to bring my experience from New York City politics and government to the private sector. Being able to apply my past experience on a variety of different client projects across different industries – and seeing politics on the other side – has been both exciting and informative.

Chuck Meara on why he chose Kivvit

The New York State and City political world is a tricky one to navigate. Legislative and regulatory processes can be complicated. State Senate and Assembly leaders have recently left or been pushed out due to corruption charges. In the current New York landscape, there are lots of questions, and I don’t know if anybody truly knows how this period of uncertainty will end up.

A good public affairs campaign can navigate these tricky periods, especially if the campaign is driven by good personal relationships. Part of that is the research, or due diligence. Part of that is knowing people and understanding what their needs are and what drives them. Having been in the political world for a good portion of my life, I have a lot of that knowledge at my disposal.

Luckily, it’s the Kivvit team that enables me to use this experience in the most effective way for our clients. No client or decision maker is the same, so the team at Kivvit is unique in that it works to understand each player on a personal level.

No two campaigns are the same, and certainly no two governments are the same. But with decades of experience and a personalized strategy for each campaign, we know what to do to bring success to our clients.


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