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Kivvit Launches

Kivvit Launches

ASGK Public Strategies and M Public Affairs Rebrand as Kivvit

Public Affairs and Communications Firms Announce New Brand Identity Reflecting National Growth and Expanded Capabilities

ASGK Public Strategies and M Public Affairs announced today the two firms have merged and rebranded as Kivvit. ASGK and M Public Affairs have been jointly owned since 2010. The merger and rebranding are a result of double-digit growth (over 20% annually since 2009), new partnerships, geographic expansion and additional capabilities.

“We outgrew the ASGK name,” said Managing Partner Eric Sedler. “Kivvit provides us with a brand we will define based on our unique attributes. We’re a firm set up to work seamlessly at the national, state and local levels, with the ability to apply very distinct capabilities on behalf of our clients.”

Founded as a Chicago-based public affairs firm by Eric Sedler and David Axelrod in 2002, the firm has been growing aggressively over the last six years. ASGK opened a Washington, D.C. office in 2009. In 2010, ASGK backed Maggie Moran in launching M Public Affairs in New York and New Jersey. The Miami office opened in January this year. Managing Partners Sedler and Moran will lead Kivvit in establishing the brand and positioning the firm for the future.

The firm’s professionals are industry leaders with a sophisticated understanding of the relationships between business, government, media and politics in each market. That experience comes from years of working in media relations, crisis management, executive positioning, government, digital communications and campaign management. 

“We have a very detailed understanding of the markets in which we operate,” said Managing Partner Maggie Moran. “We know the players in government, business, media and advocacy in a way that makes us stand apart. Having a national approach and cohesive state and local strategy will enable us to build and expand through our unmatched public affairs lens.”

Kivvit has 60 professionals across the five offices. In 2014, the combined firms booked $12.5 million in revenue and Kivvit is on track to exceed $15.5 million in revenue in 2015.

The Kivvit name is derived from an Alaskan Native word meaning “valuable” and “durable,” qualities at the essence of the firm’s identity and client relationships.