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How Kivvit Delivers Next-Generation Public Affairs Strategy Kevvit logo

How Kivvit Delivers Next-Generation Public Affairs Strategy

Public affairs software firm Quorum profiled Kivvit’s innovative work using data and analytics to predict geopolitical trends.

The DC-based firm interviewed Kivvit’s Chief Innovation Officer Zach Silber and Associate Director of Insights Jonathan as part of a case study showcasing Kivvit’s approach to delivering “next-generation public affairs strategy.”

Silber and Scharff explained to Quorum that Kivvit’s process for incorporating geopolitical analytics into each client’s public affairs strategy is centered around three steps:

By combining Quorum’s real-time tracking with Kivvit’s broader analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities, Kivvit is able to understand the sphere of influence within a given policy area and identify the strategies that create desired outcomes.

Read the full case study here:

How Kivvit uses insights to provide next-generation public affairs strategy. Read the case study from quorum.