Water Infrastructure Protection Act

In most areas of New Jersey, water and wastewater systems are still in service well beyond their designed life expectancy, which has led to system failure and degrading water quality. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that NJ’s water and wastewater infrastructure will need over $40 billion in investments over the next 20 years. 

Water Infrastructure Protection Act

Kivvit was engaged by a regulated utility to run a legislative advocacy campaign, coordinate coalition activities, and execute paid digital media to support the passage of the Water Infrastructure Protection Act.

Kivvit immediately assessed the current political landscape and coalition assets to identify persuasive messaging and a delivery strategy that would be most impactful with decision makers.    

To raise awareness of the positive tangible benefits of the act and neutralize the free press enjoyed by the opposition, a vibrant online presence was developed. A microsite was created as a one-stop-shop for interested parties and coalition members to learn the latest information, sign up for email alerts, and take online action.

In addition to our digital strategy, we conducted extensive research; developed targeted messaging and collateral materials; built and activated an influential coalition in support of the issue; engaged, developed, and activated robust grassroots support and a grasstops activation strategy; and oversaw an earned media rapid response operation for the duration of the campaign.

After only one month, Kivvit’s coordinated efforts and unique strategy successfully got WIPA legislation into law, which created significant business development opportunities for the client and a renewed state focus on investment into water and wastewater infrastructure systems. 

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